Shane By Shane • May 10, 2018

What are software solutions for the on-demand economy?

We work with all different types of companies to

  • simplify dispatching
  • eliminate paperwork
  • get more appointments done
  • take payments

Instead of new startups spending time to create software, they can focus on getting customers and building the business.  This will help accelerate the creation of on-demand companies. 

On demand companies we need to build:

  • Prescription drugs delivery
  • Dry cleaning pickup and drop off
  • Vehicle repair on demand
  • Convenience store items on demand
  • Babysitting on demand
  • Legalized marijuana delivery 
  • Home repair on demand
  • and many other ideas

PaperDoDo is working with companies to be the engine that helps drive faster, better, and cheaper on demand services. 

There will be lots of interesting features and innovations in this space for the next few years as people will demand service that is

  1. Quicker
  2. Better
  3. Cheaper

Similar to Jeff Bezo’s core principles for Amazon's success.  The best software will help companies provide on demand service. These companies will simply have to find the right people to run their business and provide them with the right tools to do it.

We challenge more on-demand startups to build out the future.  We at PaperDoDo will work to build the best on-demand engine so these startups can thrive and focus on business rather than building same software

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